Teen Book Review

Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner

Rating 4

Reviewed by Fairen, Spencer TAB

Carrie Pilby is a 19 year old prodigy that has just graduated from Harvard University. However, Carrie’s intelligence does not reflect her social skills at all. Carrie has never fit in with other kids and now she is a stuck up thoughtful girl that questions everything; she is not outgoing and thinks that the best world is the one that let’s her be in bed (her dad pays for her apartment). That is, until she opens up to her therapist (whom she doesn’t really like at first but her dad is paying so, why not go and see him?). Her therapist seems to think she is depressed (or something of that sort) and challenges her to do these things…
1. List ten things she loves and she has to do them.
2. She has to join a club and talk to the people
3. She has to go on a date with someone she likes
4. She has to tell someone she cares about them and celebrate New Year’s Day with people

It is through this list that the reader discovers past hurts and scandals, plus, future people issues such as love, cheating, religion and much more. Find out what all happens in “Carrie Pilby” by Caren Lissner.

While this book was a little tedious at times, it definitely got me thinking; there were times when I just wanted to pull out pen and paper to write down quotes. I really loved the fact that this book stated ideas plainly and told the real, uncovered truth. If you don’t like reality STAY AWAY.

I wouldn’t recommend this book for younger readers because of heavy topics and what seems like an encouragement of underage drinking which may conflict with some moral beliefs.

I rated this 4 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed being inside of the thoughtful character’s head but I would not recommend this book for people who want an easy or light read.

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