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Teen Book Review


Cryptic Cravings (by Ellen Schreiber)

Rating 4

Reviewed by Megan, grade 7

I highly recommend Cryptic Cravings for any Twilight or Vampire fans because in this book humans & immortals unite. 

I can relate to Raven, one of the characters in Cryptic Cravings, because she wants to be a vampire and live forever with her boyfriend, Alexander.

Everyone wants to live forever!

I enjoyed reading this book because in this book you feel like you know the characters by heart & are close to them.

Read the other Vamprie Kisses books first!


Horowitz Horror (by Anthony Horowitz)

Rating 4

Reviewed by Brett, grade 8

Horowitz Horror is a horror book that is split into a few short stories.  This book would be great for people that are into scary and mysterious stories.  I loved this book because I love scary and mysterious stories.  You should really read this book!


Ninth Grade Slays (by Heather Brewer)

Rating 4

Reviewed by Abigail, grade 7

I loved the book.  It kept me reading and I wanted to know whats next.  I enjoyed the book because it was very interesting and it gave me a great picture in my head.  I would recommend this title to someone who loves action.


Hit and Run (by R.L. Stine)

Rating 3

Reviewed by Jonathan, grade 7

I would recommend this title.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  The reason why is it has mystery, horror, murder.  I relate to the character because I'm just an ordinary kid just like they are.


Chain Letter (by Christopher Pike)

Rating 4

Reviewed by Ryan, grade 9

When Brenda receives a letter in the mail from her "Caretaker", telling her that he knows what she and her five friends did in the desert last summer, she realizes that someone knows their terrible secret.  Then, one by one, her friends begin receiving similar chain letters, giving them the choice to turn themselves in to the police, to a "simple task", or be hurt.  But when the letters go ignored and the tasks become impossible, the dying begins, they realize that when you bury the truth, to make sure it stays buried.