Teen Book Review

Cut by Patricia McCormick

Rating 5

Reviewed by Karly, Deer Run TAB

Cut follows the life of a teenager who struggles with self-harm. The first-person format gives the reader more insight into the main character, Callie. She currently resides at Sea Pines Residential Treatment Facility where she is supposed to be getting help for her self-harm issue. She goes to meetings in which she never talks and she sees a psychiatrist who she also does not communicate with.
This book follows the relapses, realizations, and repressed anger and fear of a teenager who shuts out everyone she meets. Cut is an emotional story in which I can relate with. This confused teenager starts off being very lost and helpless and turns into someone who is willing to accept the help of others. Towards the end you start to feel a connection to this girl. She has changed and become brave enough to know that she can no longer live her life like this. She realizes things need to change and she is finally ready to talk to her psychiatrist.
I loved this book and truly gained some life lessons from reading it. I learned that even when you feel helpless, there is always someone out there who wants to help you. Talking to someone may seem harder than holding it in, but in the end, it is better for you and everyone around you. There is nothing worse than seeing your friends tear their life apart by trying to help you and you having to feel the pain and regret that you caused them pain.
This book may have ended abruptly and not answered all of my questions but I still hold it in high regards. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with self-harm or anyone who knows someone that is struggling with self-harm.

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