Teen Book Review

Dancer Daughter Triator Spy by Elizabeth Kiem

Rating 2

Reviewed by Brooke, Spencer TAB

I’d give the book, Dancer Daughter Traitor Spy, two stars because I didn’t know what was going on half the time. It’s about this Russian ballet dancer, Marya. She and her mother have a special gift. She gets random visions of the future while her mom gets them from the past. One day her mom gets secret information from one of her visions. The KGB “put her away” and it forces Marya and her dad and uncle to the United States to hide. Then her uncle gets a floppy disc with assumed information on potential chemical and germ weapons that could lead to a war between the Soviet Union and America. It’s up to Marya and the people she can trust to find out what is really happening.   

 A few things that drew to the book were the title and the time period. I thought the time it was set in was intriguing and different—that much I did like. The “Dance” in the title caught my attention—but the story doesn’t give much information on her dancing.    

Another problem I had with this book is that I didn’t really like any of the characters very much, and I kept getting confused with all the Russian names and their English equivalent. And to me, the book seemed to run out of time, and it just wrapped up really quickly in the end. I’m still not sure how all of it went down.

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