Teen Book Review

Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron

Rating 3

Reviewed by Ty, Corporate Parkway TAB

"""Dark Unwinding"" is like a steampunked version of ""Jane Eyre"". Katharine, the protagonist, shares similar characteristics with Jane, and also struggles to balance duty and happiness. Katharine is a smart girl who has lived her whole life under the thumb of her overbearing aunt. She has no money, no marriage prospects, and few skills. Katharine balances the books and knows if she can protect the family fortune, she can live on as her spoiled cousin's bookkeeper. Often her aunt's errand-boy, Katharine is sent to commit her mysterious uncle to an asylum and secure the family fortune.
Her arrival at the estate is a surprise, and she discovers a village full of people, a workshop filled with intricate machines, and a shockingly empty mansion. Katharine quickly immerses herself in the little world and starts to feel truly happy for the first time. She becomes torn between protecting the family fortune or defending her endearing uncle and the place that brings her joy. Strange things start to happen at the estate causing Katharine to doubt her sanity. Shocking secrets, hidden threats, and sparks of romance weave through this book, making it a fun read."

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