Teen Book Review

Faking Faith by Jossie Bloss

Rating 3

Reviewed by Fairen, Spencer TAB

"After her big sexting incident, Dylan Mahoney has become public grounds for teasing in her suburban Chicago high school and has never felt more alone; it doesn’t help that her two best friends have abandoned her, too. Now utterly embarrassed and alone, Dylan discovers the blog world of “homeschooled fundamentalist Christian girls,” is instantly intrigued by their ever so structured world and decides to make a blog, herself, under the guise of Faith. However, Dylan has befriended one successful blogger, Abigail, and decides to stay with her and her family for a few days. As events unravel, and as Dylan becomes closer to Abigail (and Abigail’s brother), Dylan  is forced to decide whether she is going to keep up her lie-filled life or come out with the truth.

What do I Think?

I must say that this book is very well written and balances the view of non-Christian and Christian views; it explained how Dylan views the religion without making the whole thing look entirely stupid.

The Good:

I am very happy that the author made an attempt (and succeeded) in keeping the book suspenseful and interesting for the reader; there were definitely times when I felt what the characters were feeling in the moment, especially Dylan ( it was written from her point of view). I have definitely gasped in shock, felt panic rise in my stomach, and felt satisfied when she was satisfied. The author, Ms. Josie Loss, does an excellent job in displaying her characters emotions while not taking away from the quality of the book.

The Bad:

The quick reconciliations and instant (often grudge-free) forgiveness and acceptance was a little far fetched.

I do not feel that any of these things caused a distraction or offensiveness to the topic at hand but there is some romance, curse words sprinkled in, alongside some touchy topics (religion, sexting, sex).

However, the “sex” and sexting was not explicitly described at all and served to explain what Dylan was feeling and the romance mainly included kissing.


I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 stars because some things did seem a little far fetched.

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