Teen Book Review

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Rating 4

Reviewed by Arely, Spencer TAB

The False Prince is a stunning start to a captivating trilogy. It stars Sage a witty individual who is one of four orphans taken by Connor, a nobleman. All the boys are taken to Connor’s home to train and become the perfect pawn in Connors plot. They learn everything from reading to sword fighting and table manners. Meanwhile Connor keeps a close eye on them and rates their every move. At the end only one of them will be selected for a grand mission—to pretend to be the king’s long lost son. The competition is fierce not only for the crown but also for the sake of their own lives. Although Sage questions Connor’s actions, he is forced to proceed with the plan or risk his life. The author does a fabulous job of transporting you into Sage’s world. A place full of action and betrayal not to mention unexpected events. This book definitely leaves you yearning for more. I  know that I profoundly enjoyed reading this book. The False Prince was refreshing and memorable. It will certainly gain more recognition as well as readers.

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