Teen Book Review

Flutter by Gina Linko

Rating 4

Fairen, Spencer TAB

Reviewed by Fairen, Spencer TAB

Emery Land is a teenage girl whose life is consumed by being an experiment for her scientist/ doctor dad and his team of doctors. But all Emery wants is to be a normal teenage girl who isn’t under a microscopic eye all of the time because of what she calls her “loops” which cause her to have constant seizures. Emery is sure that her loops is her time traveling because she feels herself in the dream-like loops. She begins to feel that her loops are leading her somewhere after breaking out of her prison of a hospital. What is leading her to? and where? What is causing them? How can she stop them?
She meets this boy Ash along the way and has a sneaking suspicion that he has secrets that might be intertwined with her but struggles to get them out of him. What are his secrets? How are they involved with Emery and her loops? Are her loops really her time traveling or is it something more?
Find out this and more in this sci-fi, mysterious, and romantic book, Flutter.

First off, I would never have picked this book off of the shelf on a normal basis but I’m glad I did. This book effectively mixed a cup sci-fi with 2 cups of mystery and 1 1/2 cups of romance; this kept the book interesting, unpredictable and its reader on their toes. It had me twisting and turning in my predictions until the end. I loved that it was totally unpredictable and that it required thought and imagination to get through it. However, this book started off really slow; it wasn’t until I was a quarter of the way into the book before I really got into it. I would rate this book a four out of five simply because it did start out really slow and took me awhile to want to read this book (in the beginning). Otherwise, I loved it!

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