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Teen Book Review

The Healing Spell by Kimberly Griffiths Little

Rating 4

Reviewed by Jenny, grade 6

This book was very touching story.  The first part, I though, "this book is most boring book." but I kept reading.  There was a girl named Livie who has a mom that has coma, a dad who loves Livie so much, Older sister Faye who's about to get married, and a younger sister Crickett.  Livie has a secret that she never told anyone.  She thinks it's her fault that her mom got coma.  She doesn't touches her mom or even go near by her.  But when Faye, her older sister gets married, responsible for mom's coma comes down to Livie.  I understand Livie's pain to be in the middle of three sisters becasue, I'm in teh middle of three sister too.  This book made me cry because of what Livie did for her family and her mom, who has coma. 

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