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Teen Book Review

The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

Rating 4

Reviewed by Sherri, Middendorf-Kredell staff

Hayley has her hands full. Her father is an Iraq vet with severe PTSD. After several years on the road as a truck driver, with his teen age daughter in tow, Andy has decided to return to his childhood home so Hayley can attend a real high school for her senior year. As her father has struggled to suppress memories of battle and death, Hayley suppressed her own memories of good times before his illness overtook everything. She is suddenly being confronted by some of those memories. Along with being used to a freer life style, finding herself falling for handsome, quirky Finn and dealing with her father's free-fall into total depression, Hayley is herself loosing the ability to cope. Can friendship and love prevail?

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