Teen Book Review

One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

Rating 4

Reviewed by Arely, Spencer TAB

Eliza has a secret. Well multiple actually and she keeps them all inside her purple journal. Which her ex-boyfriend (Cooper) and his friends have taken. Revenge is on their mind as they force Eliza to do multiple tasks in her journal in order to avoid getting it posted on the internet. The journal contains her deepest fears. Fears that she would only think about but never do them. So in the end will she able to steal her journal back? Or will she do everything in her journal in vain and never get it back? Read it and find out! The book takes place in the span of one night hence the title. I honestly enjoyed reading every page of this book. Not to mention that the characters and plot line were original and funny. If you like drama, romance, and a bit of comedy you’ll enjoy it. Definitely for the fans of Sarah Dessen and Jennifer Echols.

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