Teen Book Review

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Rating 4

Reviewed by Carolyn, Corporate Parkway TAB

Emma, soon to be high school senior, goes on her last summer vacation with her best friend to Florida, for fun in the sun and swimming in the ocean, which she is dreading. Emma has been distant from the water ever since a near death experience when she was a child, but she is trying not to make a big deal of being in the water. They go for a swim and something terrible happens, Emma's' best friend gets attacked by a shark, and some one strange rescues her, but how is she even alive? She was under the water for a very long time, and she even fought the the shark back! Emma knows the guy who saves her, Galen the gorgeous beach guy, with purple eyes just like her. He seemed to just show up when Emma starts school again, did he follow her? And why are his eyes blue now? Is he hiding something? What Emma doesn't know is that he has all the answers to all of her questions. He even knows the secret as to why she can hold her breath for so long.

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