Teen Book Review

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Rating 2

Reviewed by Fairen, Spencer TAB

Hayley is a teenager living in Santa Monica, California. She's close to the beach, has excellent weather, and has a good best friend; what could be wrong? Well, Hayley happens to be fat in body image- obsessed, Southern Californian girls who have plastic surgeons numbers in their back pocket. So you can bet that the only complements Hayley hears is that she's smart, funny, and (the dreaded) has a pretty face. She doesn't feel normal and her health-obsessed mom is always nagging her to lose weight To make things worse, she has a MAJOR crush on Drew Wyler (which she knows is impossible) but when the unthinkable happens, she begins to feel worse about herself. Just as she begins to think she will be fat forever, her parents offer her a trip to Italy where her life will change forever. Join Haley in a story of love, life, and decisions in "Pretty Face."
    For some reason, I always seem to enjoy books that include weight struggles and this one was no different. I liked this book because it did have a little bit of suspense. It's a great light read with a valuable lesson, never let anyone define you. However, I did not like the teenage sex deal.
I would rate "Pretty Face" a two out of five stars (2/5) because it was a light read (nothing to really think about) and it involved teenage sex. However, I did like the simplicity of the moral of the story.

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