Teen Book Review

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Rating 5

Reviewed by Maggie, Spencer staff

Even though her entire family is filled with psychics, Blue has no special power. Well, she does, but her power is only in the ability to make her family's psychic powers stronger. So Blue's participation in the annual practice of hearing voices of those who will die in the upcoming year is purely supportive... Until this year when Blue is surprised to actually hear a name. "Gansey."

Gansey and his group of friends are on the hunt for a long gone Welsh King and they believe that he is buried on a supernatural power grid they call the ley line. He is sure they are close here in Henrietta. He even recorded his own name being whispered on the breeze the other night. The voice even sort of sounded like his own. Yeah, he's on the right track.

I LOVED this book. I am usually a plot driven reader and so I rarely notice good writing - just good stories. But Stiefvater's writing is beautiful; the lyric prose made me want to savor the story and take my time. The plot, however, won out and I barreled through the story with a quickness.

The Raven Boys is a great and spooky paranormal series opener. Highly recommended.

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