Teen Book Review

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Rating 5

Reviewed by Elisa, Spencer TAB

Taylor Edwards is known for running away when things get hard. Her first thought when she finds out her dad is struggling with cancer is get away. This time, however, running away will not make it go away. If only for her father, Taylor agrees to go back to the family’s old lake house for her father's last summer, not knowing she will also be confronting the past she abruptly left five years ago. These new cramped living quarters force Taylor to quit ignoring her two exceptional siblings. Over one summer, Taylor braces for her father's death, and patches up old friendships with Lucy and a much cuter Henry Crosby. This story is timeless, and relates to everyone. The cover of the book may caution some readers that it is a love story, but , in reality, it is much deeper. It is a story of forgiving others, growing up, and how life is always full of second chances. Readers that like Sarah Dessen or Morgan Matson's other book, Amy and Roger's Epic Detour are sure to enjoy this book.  This book is bound to have you laughing your head at Taylor’s embarrassing run-ins with Henry, and crying with her as her father gets worse. Taylor Edward is truly the girl next door, and this story makes you think that anything like this could happen to anyone, even you.  It will make you cherish every moment you live, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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