Teen Book Review

Shadow Horse by Alison Hart

Rating 4

Reviewed by Emily, grade 6

Alison Hart's, Shadow Horse is a great book.  I would recommend this book to all horse lovers.  Jas is accused of using a hoofpick to cut Hugh Robicheauz in the face becase Jas thinks Hugh killed her favorite horse Whirlwind.  Her grandfather was in such a shock he had a stroke on the spot and was sent to the hospital and soon a nursing home to recover.  Jas has nowhere else to go so she is sent into foster care.  She is so excited when she finds out her foster home has horses but is greatly disappointed that these horses can't be ridden.  Second Chance Farm is a rescue center for many animals, not just horses.  Finally she learns to accept that this isn't the rich High Meadows Farm she came from.  Jas is determinedd to find a way to prove Hugh is guilty of Whirlwind not her grandfather.  I really liked this book because I like a good mystery especially one because is wound up with horses.

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