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Teen Book Review

Small Damages by Beth Kephart

Rating 4

Reviewed by Debbie, McClay Staff

Kenzie and her friends are seniors, all with plans of doing big and wonderful things and having fun for the summer.  Kenzie has recently lost her father, she's fighting with her mother, trying to deal with her losses and  she discovers that she is pregnant. Kenzie's boyfriend, Kevin who has been supportive and loving since her father's death, suddenly becomes distant and doesn't want to deal with the problem. Her mom decides to send her off to Spain to live with a family that has found a couple to adopt her baby. This book is basically a conversation between Kenzie and her unborn baby. There is not a lot of action, it is a ""quiet"", beautifully written book.  The author describes her characters, her setting, the smells and visions with such great clarity, it feels like you are walking through the city of Seville or sitting in Estela's kitchen watching her cook. The author lets the reader fill in some of details, she introduces the characters, gives them a story and it is up to the reader to imagine what might have happened. A good book for teens that like realistic fiction. 

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