Teen Book Review

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Rating 4

Reviewed by Elisa, Spencer TAB

Halley has always depended on her best friend, Scarlett, since they met on Scarlett's front steps at a young age. Halley suddenly swaps spots with Scarlett when Scarlett's first serious love dies and she has a surprise that no one is ready for. Through these two girls, every teen reader relates to their struggle with crushes, parents, and preparing for "the real world". They are the best friends that manage to get through the highs and lows of life, but only because they have each other.Although the cover might make boys avoid it, I am sure they can see themselves in either Macon, Noah or Cameron. This story leaves a mark on every reader's heart and a warning in their reason. Any Sarah Dessen fan or someone that has watched How to Deal will not be disappointed by this story.

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