Teen Book Review

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Rating 4

Reviewed by Maggie, Spencer Staff

In another dystopian American future, Cia Vale lives in a society that selects certain students from different districts to participate in ""The Testing"" - a gruesome and deadly set of trials that decides what 20 teenagers across the country can attend university.  Cia's father survived The Testing when he was a teenager and has been haunted by vague but horrifying nightmares ever since and he sends her off with one warning: Trust no one.

Among all of the dystopian novels I have read since The Hunger Games (and I have read quite a few) this is the most Hunger Games-like out of the bunch.  However, as similar as the setting and themes are this is still its own book with an ending that has me anxiously awaiting the next installment.  If you are still on the lookout for exciting stories with a dystopian setting - I'd add this one to your list.

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