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Teen Book Review

Timeless by Alexandra Monir

Rating 5

Reviewed by Amanda, grade 12

Michele Windsor was a laid back California girl who is best firends with her aartsy mother.  Michele is devasted by her mother's sudden death in a horrible car accident and must move to New York City to live with her wealthy granparents she has never known.  From the moment Michele steps into the enormous, aristocratic mansion, she can feel the centure year-old secrets hidden behind the french-style, golden encrested lined walls around every corner.  In the midst of feeling foreign and in search of new hope, Michele comes across an old journal that throws her back in time to help and save long lost ancestors in time of need.  Michele comes across an enchanting boy in 1910 who has haunted her dreams for years and they fall madly in love.  Before Michele knows it, she is racing time to save her loved one and family tree.  Can she save them?  Or will she fail and have all of their lives changed forever?

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